When you do things right and you are the only woman there, you are remembered. I wasn’t just one of the 19 men in the room. 

Indiana Tech is a university that attracts people at all different stages of life. Some of our students come to us fresh out of high school and ready to jump right in to their educational pursuits. And sometimes, like in the case of Carla Wynter, they come to us later in life, after they have already been in the workforce.

When students of the latter population enroll at Indiana Tech to pursue their degree, it creates an experiential learning opportunity that is both theoretical and practical. It allows them to combine what they are learning in the classroom with what they have seen and experienced in the “real world.” And, the results of an education like this can be both life- and career-changing.

Carla enrolled at Indiana Tech while working for FedEx in Indianapolis. She had some college in her past and was ready to pick up where she left off and complete her degree. Choosing Indiana Tech proved impactful from the get-go. “You can immediately apply what you learn—both in strategy and execution,” Carla said.

Carla went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Indiana Tech. Since then, she has had an extensive and successful career, holding various executive-level positions. Currently, she is a partner at GENPACT.

Similar to Anna Reid, Indiana Tech’s first female graduate, Carla has had moments where she was the “first” and the “only.” On various occasions, she has found herself to be the only woman in an executive boardroom full of men. However, situations like that aren’t intimidating to Carla. Instead, she uses them to her advantage.

“When you do things right and you are the only woman there, you are remembered,” said Carla. “I wasn’t just one of the 19 men in the room.”

In addition to being a successful businesswoman, Carla is also a pilot. On various occasions, she lands her plane, climbs out of the cockpit and senses the surprise on the faces of people who were expecting to see a man in the pilot’s seat. Throughout her life and her career, Carla has consistently met and exceeded people’s expectations of her. In part, this is because she has set the bar so high for herself and prided herself on a job well done.