Starting in September 2017, the Indiana Tech Strategic Plan Task Force worked to create a comprehensive strategic plan for the university, leading up to Indiana Tech’s centennial year in 2030. With the input of alumni, students, faculty and staff, the task force assessed Indiana Tech’s strengths and weaknesses, identified opportunities and challenges, and ultimately developed a plan to carry the university forward to continued success in the years ahead.

At its February 2018 retreat, the Indiana Tech Board of Trustees reviewed and offered feedback on the draft goals and objectives provided by the task force. The task force then completed the strategic plan for final review and approval by the board at its May 2018 meeting. By a unanimous vote, the board voted to adopt the strategic plan, which includes six goal areas and associated objectives:

Goal 1: We will enhance our academic quality and reputation.

  1. The university will create and implement a plan for new academic offerings.
  2. The university will increase student retention, persistence and completion across all academic programs, modalities and co-curricular experiences.
  3. The university will improve academic quality and rigor.
  4. The university will focus on enhancing its academic reputation with consistent attention to accreditation.
  5. The university will increase its standards for admissions across all programs and modalities.
  6. The university will raise full-time faculty engagement and expectations.

Goal 2: We will deliver a world-class student experience.

  1. The university will facilitate student engagement in co-curricular learning and community-building.
  2. The university will provide students with comprehensive career and professional development services.
  3. The university will be considered a leader among peer schools in student services.
  4. The university will create a culture of service learning.
  5. The university will cultivate relevant study-abroad opportunities.
  6. The university will offer diverse campus life programs.
  7. The university will continue cultivating a diverse student body that celebrates all races, cultures and ethnicities.

Goal 3: We will create a clear, consistent and recognizable brand.

  1. The university will implement a comprehensive brand strategy.
  2. Staff, faculty, students and alumni will actively embrace their role as brand ambassadors.
  3. The university’s brand will be recognized as a leader in higher education.

Goal 4: We will grow the human resources, facilities and technological infrastructure.

  1. The university will execute a long-range plan for technology infrastructure for operating a state-of-the-art university.
  2. The university will create a human resource development plan to enhance the skills and abilities of each employee.
  3. The university will adopt a plan for appropriate staffing levels to achieve the goals of the strategic plan.
  4. The university will implement the recommendations of the Campus Master Planning Committee to ensure best-of-class facilities and infrastructure.
  5. The university will increase its e-learning capacity and competency to become a leading-edge online educational provider.

Goal 5: We will grow friend and fundraising competency into an institutional strength.

  1. The university will implement a state-of-the art advancement infrastructure for long-term success.
  2. The university will continue to develop additional close partnerships with employers.
  3. The university will be known as a collaborative and community-minded citizen.
  4. Faculty and staff will embrace their role in transforming students into committed alumni.
  5. The university will develop a comprehensive fundraising campaign to support the goals and objectives of the strategic plan.

Goal 6: We will develop a vibrant, inclusive and diverse culture connecting all campuses and locations.

  1. The university will cultivate a culture where all feel responsible for the success of the strategic plan.
  2. The university will develop an intentional identity focus in which it is “one campus with multiple locations.”
  3. The university will create an environment where there is an understanding of the value of all peoples and cultures.
  4. The university will seek a diverse faculty and staff.
  5. The university will be a destination employer where all individuals are valued.

“The strategic plan adopted by our board of trustees is the culmination of a lot of hard work on the part of our task force and the entire Indiana Tech community,” notes Indiana Tech president Karl Einolf. “My thanks to the task force and to all of those who took part in developing a plan that will truly allow us to continue building a century of excellence over these next 12 years heading into our 100th anniversary.”

To learn more about the strategic plan and to view and download a pdf of the final plan, please visit the strategic plan page on the Indiana Tech website.

Indiana Tech Strategic Planning Task Force

Jeri Burkhart, Senior Enrollment Manager, Warsaw
Steve Dusseau, Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Leadership Team
Tim Allwein – Special Assistant to the President; Faculty, College of Business
Jeri Burkhart – Staff, College of Professional Studies Admissions
Steve Dusseau – Faculty, College of Engineering
Karl Einolf (ex officio) – President
Susan McGrade – Faculty, College of General Studies
Cameron Owens – Student
Matt Thibeau – Strategic Planning Consultant

Communication Team
Justin Boyce – Faculty, College of General Studies
Anthony Juliano – Alumnus
Staci Lugar-Brettin – Faculty, College of Business
Carol Platt – Staff, College of Professional Studies Admissions
Chozie Thorp – Staff, Student Financial Services

Research and Data Gathering Team
Sharmila Chowdhury – Staff, International Admissions
Darius Darling – Staff, Student Affairs
Sharon Lokuta – Staff, College of Professional Studies Operations
Chris Nelson – Faculty, College of Business
Jessica Pena – Staff, Finance and Accounting
Donald Stafford – Faculty, College of Engineering

Facilities and Infrastructure Team
Richard Burns – Staff, Buildings and Grounds
Andrea Check – Staff, Student Affairs
Jerome Heaven – Faculty, College of Engineering
Greg Lynch – Alumnus
Jason Mutzfeld – Staff, Information Technology
Debbie Warren – Staff, Athletics