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Tech Travelers
 Lauren Zuber
 3 min

Few things bring us joy like seeing Warriors out in the world, enjoying life and having adventures fueled by the success they’ve found as students and alumni of Indiana Tech. To celebrate this adventurous spirit, we are excited to announce the new Tech Travelers feature! Send us a photo of you traveling the world in your Indiana Tech gear for a chance to be featured in Indiana Tech Magazine.

To have your photo considered for publication, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Your photo must include a visible Indiana Tech logo from any year
  • Ideal photos will also include interesting landscapes, attractions, landmarks or YOU!
  • Include your name and the names of others in the photo, where you are and why you are there, and the date the photo was taken
  • Send a photo file that is of the highest resolution available
  • Email submissions to

All submissions will receive a Tech Travelers luggage sticker. We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be featured in the magazine, but we will certainly try!

Joel Kuhn, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science ’12

Joel is a member of Indiana Tech’s marketing team, specifically as the university’s web developer. This spring, Joel, who is featured in the main photo and the photos below, traveled to Tanzania to ascend 19,341 feet to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Joel’s adventure covered a grand total of 43 miles (73 kilometers) and took six days. Due to the low oxygen, he was unable to spend much time at the top. He was there long enough, however, to represent the Orange and Black of Indiana Tech.

Here is a brief account of the trip from Joel:

“Dominick Lee (BSME ’12, BSEE ’12) and I have gone on several trips together since graduation, usually involving mountain climbing. I’ve always enjoyed mountain climbing for the views, the physical challenge and the sense of getting away from the world for a while up in the clouds. Dominick suggested Kilimanjaro, and I felt like I was ready. Kilimanjaro is the tallest volcanic mountain in the world, so while it’s a very gradual hike, the altitude can make it difficult.

The days leading up to the summit night were much easier than I expected. The guides kept everyone at a slow pace so we didn’t overexert ourselves. The summit night, however, was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I was cold, sleep deprived, low on oxygen and could barely see. But I pushed through and made it to the summit, and it was completely worth it.

The trip was unbelievably beautiful. At nearly all times there was a sea of clouds bubbling below us, and the thin atmosphere and low light pollution made for amazing views of the stars. It was also nice to be off the grid for a week and experience East Africa without distractions.

I’m not completely sure what I’ll do next. I might climb Rainier in Washington. One trip I want to do very soon is to spend a week or two driving Route 1 around Iceland and stopping at anything that looks interesting. Two years ago, I drove it in a couple days, and there was so much I wanted to stop and see.”