When the COVID-19 pandemic swept around the globe earlier this year, it forced universities and schools, worldwide, to make swift decisions—decisions intended to keep their students faculty and staff safe while continuing to educate throughout the remainder of the academic year. For many schools, fulfilling the latter concern proved to be a struggle.

Not at Indiana Tech.

Our university began offering online courses as early as 2006. Since then, we’ve been a pioneer in developing and delivering online coursework, helping thousands of busy working adults pursue and achieve their academic goals. So, when the decision was made in March to close our university for the semester and move on-campus classes to the online environment, we were ready.

Microsoft Team Usage

Faculty and staff of Indiana Tech are able to connect by way of Teams, a communication and collaboration platform that is part of Microsoft Office 365. The platform allows users within the organization to chat live with individuals or team members, initiative voice calls, set up video meetings and share files.

February Usage, April Usage,% Increase

Teams Private Chats 21,467 , 76,533 , 257%

Teams Team Chats 508,2,315,356%

Teams Calls 168,2,968,1667%

Teams Meetings 149, 1,631, 995%

Blackboard Collaborate Usage

Blackboard Collaborate is a virtual classroom/meeting tool which comprises audio, video, interactive whiteboard, PowerPoint display, application sharing, polling, breakout rooms and session recording. Blackboard Collaborate is the newest version of the university supported virtual classroom and meeting tool.

February Usage April Usage % Increase

Blackboard Collaborate Sessions 871, 3,049, 250%

Blackboard Collaborate Recordings 418, 2,384, 470%

Duration of Recordings 234, 1,631, 597%

Blackboard Collaborate Participants 1,280, 18,811, 1370%