Indiana Tech is proud to partner with employers throughout the United States to provide their workforce with educational opportunities that enhance skills and advance careers. Our online degree and certificate programs are designed specifically with working adults in mind. The six-week class schedule with coursework available online 24/7 is an ideal fit for busy professionals who are juggling family and work responsibilities along with going to school. Employers also appreciate our career-focused program offerings in high-demand fields like accounting, business analytics, cybersecurity, global health leadership, supply chain management and more.

In July 2019, we visited one of our corporate partners in southern Indiana to talk with company leadership and employees about their relationship with Indiana Tech. Samtec is an international manufacturer of electronic connectors. The company is a great supporter of education for its employees, and it offers exceptional educational benefits.

In addition to learning more about our corporate partners and meeting company leadership, one of the best parts about visiting companies like Samtec is having the opportunity to meet employees who are Indiana Tech students.

When we met Trisha Bertram, featured in the Samtec video, we immediately recognized that she is a great example of who our adult students are. She is a single mom who works full time while raising two young kids and juggling all of the responsibilities and busy schedules that come with that. When Trisha started her classes at Indiana Tech, she wasn’t sure if she could (or should) take on the additional responsibility of going back to school, but she knew it was important enough to try. After meeting Trisha and getting to know her, we felt that her story would resonate with many people and we wanted to share it further. So, later in 2019, we returned to southern Indiana to feature her and her family in a TV commercial.

Trisha was just starting her educational journey when we met her the summer of 2019. Fast forward to spring 2021, and she is a college graduate. Trisha completed her A.S. in business management with a concentration in production management in March. We met back up with her and her family on commencement day to watch her celebrate her accomplishment. It was an honor to capture Trisha’s story from (almost) beginning to end. We look forward to seeing what her next chapter brings.